28 July 2018 : WSKF Team Event
  11 August 2018 : KSL Cheetah Challenge
  29 September 2018 : WSKF Development Tournament
  13 October 2018 : KSL Lions Challenge


  14 June 2018 : 2nd Dojo grading
  06 October 2018 : WSKF National Dan grading
Black belt dinner
  17 November 2018 : 3rd Dojo grading (and Year end function)



We teach and train traditional Shotokan karate to people of all ages who wish to start karate and develop their self-confidence in a controlled and respected environment. Our teachings and dojo relationships are based on the five corner stones of Shotokan Karate i.e. Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self-control.

The Dojo motto is Kazoku (Japanese for ‘family’) and we strive towards creating such an environment where everyone can not only learn the art of karate, but also develop students to the best version of themselves.

Steyn Dojo is a unique space held by a few exceptionally passionate and talented people.

From the start we found the Dojo heads and their seniors to be quite remarkable. Their general outlook, conduct, and the way they deliver the work is respectful, uplifting, encouraging and supportive.

New students are quickly pulled in, and seen as part of the family. It is heartwarming to see the older children take care of the younger ones, offering encouragement or comfort when needed. Because of this, most young people are easily inspired, and happily apply themselves with focus to their work.

It truly is a wonderful space, not only to develop the technical skills of karate, but also a place to nurture integrity, kindness, compassion and a strong, resilient character. ¬ - SueYen Nel



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